Camping Villaggio Vacanze Baia Domizia - Regulations - Baia Domizia


  1. On arrival the guests are required to fill the Public Safety form and to present their own identity document. Then, they will receive an IDENTIFICATION BRACELET and a PASS, which are strictly personal and valid as means of checking. These must be shown whenever they will be required. On departure, it is compulsory to return the PASS and the IDENTIFICATION BRACELET. The management reserves the right to proceed against those who will be found without a regular registration, IDENTIFICATION BRACELET and their own personal PASS inside the Village.
  2. At reception, you will be asked to declare the exact number of members in the group and indicate the
    equipment to be set up. Customers are kindly asked to check and notify us immediately of any incorrect
    information or changes. Any other equipment that has not been declared will be removed immediately at
    the Customer’s expense.
  3. The allotted camping lot cannot be changed without prior authorization from the Management.
  4. Minors under 18 will not be admitted to the Village unless accompanied by their parents or by another adult, who must sign a special declaration of accepting responsibility for supervising and controlling the minor.
  5. Adults will be entirely responsible for any damage caused by their minors to people or things inside the Village, except for children of age who are responsible for themselves. In any case, adults must guarantee that their children’s behaviour, and that of any other minors they are responsible for, does not disturb the tranquillity or safety of Village Guests.
  6. Daily visitors and/or guests are not allowed in the Village in august.
  7. No type of animal is allowed in the Village.
  8. For Village safety and for everyone’s safety, our Guests must: - use regulation waterproof cables for electrical connections to electricity sockets, making sure that the system is con nected to the Village earth connection; - be extremely careful when using grills and camping gas. Nevertheless, the Management reserves the right to prohibit use under difficult atmospheric conditions; - drive cars, campers, caravans, motorbikes and/or other vehicles, fully respecting the maximum speed limit of 10 Km/h and, in any case, drive with the utmost care, paying special attention to the horizontal and vertical signs marked out in the Village; - only use their cars and motorcycles for entering and leaving the Village.
  9. We remind you to respect the tranquillity of others at any time, especially during the night from 12 pm to 7
  10. For good happy community living with reciprocal respect it is advisable: - to put paper and rubbish in the bins provided; - to wash clothes and tableware in the appropriate equipped areas; - not to use fountains, hydrants, and/or other water supplies for personal hygiene and/or for things; - to remember to use shower booths only for the strictly necessary time; - to leave sanitary facilities in the best possible condition after use; - to clean cars, campers, caravans, motorbikes and/or other vehicles in the appropriate equipped areas.
  11. The Management reserves the right to limit the water supply according to particular circumstances of availability, that is, on orders from the administrative authorities.
  12. It is strictly prohibited to: - light fires inside the Village or on the beach belonging to the Village; - ride bicycles from 9.00 pm to 7 am; - drive motor vehicles from 12 pm to 7 am; - use TVs, radios, musical instruments at a high volume, disturbing the tranquillity of Guests or the Village in general; - dig holes, put up fences or tie up ropes at man’s height; - damage plants, trees or flowerbeds in any way.
  13. Guests are kindly asked to respect any recommendations requested by the Management under special circumstances.
  14. Village Management denies any liability for damage caused to persons and/or things due to using equipment provided for Guests (for example: children’s games, volleyball court, swimming pool, five aside football field, etc.); let it be clearly understood that these are used at Guests’ risk and peril. The Management also denies any liability for damage to people or things due to fortuitous events, circumstances beyond control (only as a non-restrictive example: hail, wind, pine cone fall, rain, tornadoes, unpremeditated and/or intentional events by third parties etc.), that is, for any deed that cannot be attributable to the Management or the Village Staff.
  15. These regulations will be issued in their original form and signed by Guests on examination and acceptance of the contents, while a copy will be kept at the Management office. Our staff is authorized to ensure that regulations are respected and the Management reserves the right to ask any Guests who do not conform to leave the Village.
  16. The tidiness, cleanliness and good functioning of our community facilities also depend on the civil and respectful behaviour of our Guests.

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