Camping Villaggio Vacanze Baia Domizia - Minturno - The Gateway to the South
the Gateway
to the South


Ancient Roman hamlet on the edge of the Via Appia

around 10 Km from the Baia Domizia Camping Village For Info

Minturno: Ancient Roman hamlet on the edge of the Via Appia, around 10 Km away from the Baia Domizia Camping Village. It is famous for its majestic Roman theatre, located inside the Archaeological Area of Minturnae, built in the 1st century AD and divided into its three characteristic sectors (scaena, orchestra, cavea) with a seating capacity of more than 4 thousand spectators. The Ponte Borbonico is placed at the ford over the Garigliano river near an ancient ruined Roman town. It was designed by Luigi Giura and sponsored by Ferdinand II between 1828 and 1832, and was considered “an engineering miracle”.


Summer 2017

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