Camping Villaggio Vacanze Baia Domizia - Pompeii - Vesuvius - The Gateway to the South
the Gateway
to the South

Pompeii - Vesuvius

Dive into history to discover the centuries-old Roman Empire

around 90 Km from the Baia Domizia Camping Village

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Dive into history to discover the centuries-old Roman Empire.

Around 90 Km from the Baia Domizia Camping Village. Renowned throughout the world for the tragic events of 79 AD, when this wealthy Roman city was buried in an eruption by Vesuvius, together with the towns of Stabiae, Oplontis and Herculaneum. A tragedy of catastrophic proportions that, however, has allowed us to uncover intact, after almost two thousand years, a living historical record; a slice of normal life within the largest empire of ancient times.
The excavations allow the tourist to jump back in time, and become totally immersed in a vanished world. The excavations give us access to the exclusive areas of the temples, the public buildings, the villas of wealthy patricians, as well as allowing us to stroll through the ancient workshops, ordinary peoples housing, the “osterie” and Lupanars, where the lives of ordinary people were played out.


Summer 2017

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